REFRAME is a new journey from the stereotype of the classic cufflinks to the emotional jewelry meant to bring emotion into our everyday outfit. The natural materials and the manufacturing add value which is not to be measured in conventional scales but, on the contrary, gains recognition by its original approach.
Behind each creation we find David Sandu, a designer who made author jewelry the story of his own vocation and dedicated himself to promoting designer jewelry through its aesthetic approach. Owner of its own Jewelry Gallery, David  Sandu has received numerous awards at international fairs and exhibitions, being also recognized in international communities such as Metalcyberspace, Klimt02 and Inhorgenta. 

Since 2010, he is given the title of Supplier of HM King Michael House of  Romania and in the same year lays the foundations of Assamblage School of Contemporary Jewelry, the first constant educational project for the development of the field of Romanian designer jewelry. In 2015 he is awarded the trophy for “Best Romanian Design” by Forbes Life Romania.

REFRAME is a place of creative effervescence, that aims to emphasize the values of nature and the origin of things through a re-evaluation of the classical. It is an open dialog with people, stories, shapes and materials, a playground for a continuous search for the equilibrium of elements.

Each and every creation has its own personality, being a unique piece.
Going back to the roots of genuine manufacturing of precious jewelry.
Because in all things of nature there is something of the marvellous.