HERALDICA Collection is a re-evaluation of the portrait of contemporary man and the role of classical aesthetics and values in present times. The ancient meaning of heraldry is transferred in the inventory of modern man jewelry by intricate patterns and inlays. The collection includes cufflinks made of exotic wood and sterling silver and/ or gemstones inlays (coral, mother-of-pearl). Exotic wood featured: Ancient Oak, Bocote, Borneo Rosewood, Ebony, Leopardwood, Palm, Purpleheart, Yellow Burl, Ziricote.


Each object in this category is designed and crafted in a series of 33 pieces. Starting from the same drawing, the cufflinks are produced entirely with classical techniques used in jewelry manufacture, by a team of excellent craftsmen. The total production time for each piece is between 12 to 28 hours, as each element is given the highest attention.

The cufflinks included in this category will be dispatched in 2 - 7 days from the date of your order confirmation. For further details, please contact us at reframe@davidsandu.com. Thank you!