5 years anniversary of Assamblage Contemporary Jewelry School

Assamblage Contemporary Jewelry School was founded in October 2010 at the initiative of designer David Sandu and soon became a foundation and a strong reference point in the development of design jewelry in Romania. Staring with 2014, Assamblage is partner of the prestigious Alchimia – Contemporary Jewellery School in Firenze, already developing a series of common projects.
In five years of activity, the school has held approximately 100 training sessions and has over 300 alumni. Assamblage Contemporary Jewelry School has helped to create a cohesive community of artists who have achieved and accumulated technical and conceptual notions for their assertion as individual jewelry designers. Assamblage has become a place where people meet to discuss, learn new things and to start projects and exhibitions together.

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David Sandu
David Sandu