REFRAME is a place of creative effervescence, that aims to emphasize the values of nature and the origin of things through a re-evaluation of the classical. In the context of a historical recovery of male jewelry, cufflinks are reflected in the inventory of accessories of the contemporary man.





Assamblage Contemporary Jewelry School was founded in October 2010 at the initiative of designer David Sandu and soon became a foundation and a strong reference point in the development of design jewelry in Romania. Staring with 2014, Assamblage is partner of the prestigious Alchimia – Contemporary Jewellery School in Firenze, already developing a series of common projects.
In five years of activity, the school has held approximately 100 training sessions and has over 300 alumni. Assamblage Contemporary Jewelry School has helped to create a cohesive community of artists who have achieved and accumulated technical and conceptual notions for their assertion as individual jewelry designers. Assamblage has become a place where people meet to discuss, learn new things and to start projects and exhibitions together.

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David Sandu receives the trophy for "BEST ROMANIAN DESIGN" at the FORBES LIFE GALA - THE GOOD LIFE AWARDS

Yesterday, June 24, 2015, Athenee Palace Hilton Bucharest hosted the Gala "Forbes Life - The Good Life Awards", in which the major players in the Romanian lifestyle landscape were recognized and awarded trophies. Contemporary jewelry designer David Sandu received the trophy for "Best Romanian Design". The unique style in jewelry creation, craftsmanship and innovative artistic work are some of the things that recommended the David Sandu Jewelry brand for this award.

David Sandu's creations can be called jewelry, sculptures, works of art and philosophical concepts represented in tridimensional. Everything starts from the inner world of an artist for whom the ugliness of the world is but a pretext for an extraordinary beauty, the chef-editor Diana-Florina Cosmin wrote in a number of Forbes Life in 2014.